Fancy Hanging Mosquito Net with rope For Double Bed

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Product Details:

Type: Mosquito Net (Double Bed)
100% Brand New and High Quality.
Material: Nylon
Easy to wash.
More spacious.
Comes with hook and loop/ring.
Comes with a rope which is used to open the net for entrance.
Add romance and elegance to any bedroom.
Keeps out mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects.
Hanging ring in center.
Image may vary. Available at various colors.
Warranty: Not Applicable

Product Description:

The classic shape for a mosquito net. The circular or round mosquito nets are functional and attractive insect protection. The mosquito net includes a top attached cover so that when you don’t want to use it you can keep all the net into one cover to avoid space problem as well as safeguard of Net.

Special Price रु. 800.00 Regular Price रु. 1,700.00
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