Oxygen & Blood Circulation Machine

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      • Increases "Feel Good" Hormones(Endorphin,Serotonin,Neurotrophin)
      • Increases Human Growth Hormone(hgh)
      • Maximum User Weight Capacity : 90Kgs
      • 6 months warranty
Special Price रु. 15,000.00 Regular Price रु. 20,000.00
  • Acupressure Therapy -Vibration/Massage Therapy-Magnetic Therapy- Metallic Therapy-Infrared
  • Quickly improve your Blood Circulation. Prevent the high and low blood pressure, Removes Lactic acid & Uric acid. Relax tiredness, improve insomnia. Ease pains in the shoulder, neck, waist and improve the phenomenon of cool hands and feet and anesthesia. Get rid of arthrosis rheumatism and nerves shrink. Frees up tight joints and organs. Eliminates toxins - removes blockages from channels & blood vessells, Relaxes the muscles.
  • Facilitates & Accelerate Weight Loss,Increases Collagen(Smoother Skin),Tightens All Body Muscles
  • Remove Lactic Acid From Muscles,Builds Bone Desity & Fights Ostioporosis
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